Jackpot SCORE System's Quick Guide

Choose the Right Game


1. Check out LIVE SCORES of Top 12 out of 1,500+ jackpots and choose a game depending on SCORE, RTP (if any), JP size, and game type.

Notes: Huge jackpots imply big bankrolls. Small jackpots are much easier to hit. RTP figures are our estimates; must be used in conbination with SCORES.

2. Follow red "Play" links on our site because the same games in various casinos can offer different jackpot amounts. You'll need to register a casino account if you haven't one.

3. You must find the RIGHT game in a Casino Lobby; game screenshots are availabe on jackpot review pages. The jackpot value in the game should be close to the value seen on our jackpot review page. The values may differ due to different coin denominations, multiple pots in one game, or if somebody has already hit the jackpot.

4. In order to have the best odds, you should play for a high-SCORE jackpot until somebody hits the pot (you or another player). At this point the SCORE, normally, drops to 0, so you may find another pot. Play multiple games from our list for better overall results.

Quick Video Guide - ALERTS & SCORES

See how you can set jackpot Alerts, check SCORES, pick the right game and casino site in order to increase your winnings up to 7X times!

Have You Set Jackpot Alerts?

Jackpot Alert Example

Each Alert message shows current jackpot SCORE, JP name and TTH (Time To Hit). 63% of jackpots will be hit during the TTH, so don't wait for too long.

Click on the message to open a jackpot review page with JP value and probability charts. You may check out charts and read review or just click "Play at Casino" button.

Jackpot Review & Charts

Jackpot Params

The jackpot review page header has game logo, current jackpot value, current RTP of the game (if it's available), casino "Play" button and, sometimes, dropbox to choose another casino(s).

Connected Jackpots: Next section may contain "Connected Jackpots" - these pots are available in the same game. You may want these jackpots to have high SCORES too.

However, the most important figure here is the game's total RTP, that is calculated based on values of ALL connected jackpots in the game. Current jackpot in table cells is marked by pink colour.

Jackpot Chart Example

Jackpot Chart: The main chart shows jackpot value vs. time for the last 60 days. You can see hits where jackpot drops to its seed value.

On the example chart on the right dashed blue line marks average jackpot hit level (SCORE=100). You can see how much the jackpot has already grown. The red arrows on the chart marks 2 past hits at SCORES of about 300 and 600.

Probability Chart Example. Jackpot Type 1 (exponential)

"Probability Chart": Click the link with this name to see the corresponding chart. This is the most important chart where you can see hit distribution curve, drawn on the base of past jackpot hits. The hits are also shown below the main chart (black dashes).

63% of jackpots are hit below the average hit level (dashed blue line). You can see how hit density quickly drops with the rise of jackpot. The largest jackpot hit out of 768 had the SCORE of 702 (£7,028).

This chart helps you to visualize current jackpot value against past hits. The example chart on the right has a classic exponential (Type 1) hit distribution. The jackpots of this type are the best for taking advantage of the big SCORES.

Jackpot Types: Based on the "probability charts", we have found 5 major types of the curves: exponential, sum of 2 exponential values, Gaussian bell, capped pots, and flat range. Jackpots of types 3 and 4 does not allow their SCORE to exceed 200. This means you cannot more than double your jackpot odds, but the RTP for such games should be rather high when a SCORE is approaching 200.

Jackpot Comparison

Jackpot Comparison: Some games offer multiple jackpots in a single game, one or more of them can be shared for all casinos, other(s) may be specific to a casino. Alternative jackpots of the same name in other casinos are placed in "Jackpot Comparison" table and sorted by SCORE.

For example Mega Fortune Dreams Mega & Major jackpots are common for all casinos, while Rapid is different in all casinos, so we placed alternative pots in the "Jackpot Comparison" table. The pot with the highest SCORE offers the best RTP.

Related Jackpots: If the game offers 2 or more casino-specific jackpots, we add another "Comparison table" where other jackpot titles (smaller or bigger level) are sorted by SCORE. Pink colour marks connected jackpots of the current jackpot's game.

Game Review: You may browse the text review of the jackpot to find out all the games where the jackpot can be won, or jackpot/bonus round(s) rules. Most jackpots are hit at random, but sometimes you should know the minimum qualifying bets or which bonus round you need to activate in order to try hitting a jackpot(s). See our "Progressive Jackpot" section or "Paytable"/"Rules" in the game itself.

You can find the answers on other popular questions in our FAQ section or watch our Video Guide.