Terms & Conditions of Using The Wizard of Pots

1. Liabilities

1.1 The WizardofPots.com website (further named "The Wizardof Pots", "We") provides you jackpot graphs, probability charts, SCORES and other data for the information purposes only. We have no intention to teach you how to beat or to cheat an online casino. The data is provided for you to help you making an informed decision on games choice.

1.2 We try to do the best in order to provide you with the precise and correct information, and jackpot games statistics. However, as long as we use publicly available jackpot data from online casino websites and other gateways, we cannot guarantee the precision of the data and our calculations, e.g. Average Hit values, SCORES, etc. In order to calculate SCORES we use statistics for long periods of time. If the casino or software developer changes jackpot parameters (e.g. Average Hit values or/and Seeds), we cannot quickly correct our data, as we need time to collect new stats on jackpot hits. In case of unsufficient data (just a few hits) our SCORE figures may substantially differ from real SCORES.

1.3 Although our SCORE system can dramatically increase your jackpot payouts, the actual performance of your gameplay is not guaranteed due to the nature of the casino games of luck. Our system cannot change the "hit rate" of a progressive game, we just advise you the games that can deliver you relatively high payouts (higher than average ones).

1.4 Different jurisdictions constantly impose various regulations and laws concerning online gambling activity for their citizens or entities. It is your responsibility to check whether it is legal to gamble online in your location. We try to provide you with the most actual information on games availability in your location and show all the available games. Nevertheless, this information may become incorrect or there can be an error in determining your location.

1.5 You should be at least 18 years old in order to use our SCORE system and register on our website.

2. Online Casino Bonuses

2.1 All online casino bonuses, you may find on our site, are subject to further Terms & Conditions. The bonus information is actual on the date of publication. Please check the online casino websites (using our site's links) for the current bonus offers and full T&Cs.

2.2 Most bonuses have certain wagering requirements, available in T&Cs sections of casino websites. Term 'free' means bonus money.

2.3 You should be at least 18 years of age to claim a bonus or play for real money. UK visitors under 18 y.o. are prohibited from playing online casino games even in demo (free play) mode.

3. Loyalty Program

3.1 WizardofPots.com has been developing Loyalty program for its customers. The program includes exclusive bonuses and other promotions for those who play real-money games at certain online casinos, we listed on our site.

3.2 In order to participate in WizardofPots.com's Loyalty program you must register a new real-money player account at one or more of the online casinos using any links to them on our site.

4. Changes to the Terms & Conditions

4.1 If we change our Terms & Conditions, we will post those changes on this page. Users should check this page frequently to keep abreast of any changes.