Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why should I use your Jackpot SCORE system?

With proper use our system will at least triple your jackpot wins, on average. If you play the right games (with high SCORES) your payouts will be 3X times higher than the ones of an average player. You place the same bets... and receive triple wins! Save 2/3 of your gambling budget or triple your jackpot odds (jackpot RTP) and hit really big pots! High-SCORE games substantially cut house edge and could, sometimes, turn the odds in your favour!

2. How does your SCORE system work?

Probability Chart - Your Wins vs Avg. Player Wins

We track over 1,500 online progressive jackpots to collect hit stats and calculate SCORES. This allows us to find the games with RELATIVELY highest grown progressive jackpots. The higher the jackpot is grown, the higher your actual "jackpot odds" or jackpot RTP (don't miss it with the odds of hitting a pot, as they are fixed). With a Top 10 SCORE your average jackpot payout will be 3X or more times higher than average one! The probability chart on the right (Number of Hits vs Jackpot Value) shows average player's hits in beige colour and your possible hits in red, providing you play the games with a minimum SCORE of 225 (solid red line). The Average Hit of an average player will be at SCORE=100 ($3,010, dashed blue line), while your Average Hit will be at SCORE=325 or $9,557 (dashed red line). That's over 3X times more than an average player's win!! You may also use our Calculator to estimate your advantage with respect to an avg. player.

3. Is it legal to play online casino games?

The legal landscape of online gambling is changing every day, so we cannot say exactly whether it is legal to gamble from your location or not. As a rule, players have no restrictions on their spendings/winnings over the Internet, it's online casinos that are regulated the most. In most cases the casino site will not allow you to play for real money if it's illegal in your country. We show you the jackpots of those online casinos that accept players from your location.
UK Players: We only show online casinos that are licensed in UK or Gibraltar and authorized by the U.K. Gambling Commission (UKGC).

4. Should I use your system? I can track a jackpot myself...

Suppose you write down jackpot values 24/7 for a progressive game that, on average, delivers 1 hit per day with an average payout of $1,000. You'll see hits like $123, $2'109, $674, etc. and one day per year you'll see the biggest payout of, say, $3,000. With our system, that tracks over 1,500 jackpots, we can show you the highest grown jackpots and 3-5 of them having values, equivalent to $3,000 for the sample jackpot - you don't need to wait for a year to see the "fattest" pots.

5. Can I earn money with your system? ... 100%+ RTP games?

In order to earn money on the long run your actual odds, or RTP (Return To Player) should be higher than 100%. For the games with publicly available RTP and jackpot contribution data we provide current RTP figures. However, these fugures are just our estimates and can carry substantial errors, especially if we have not great number of hits (less than 10-20). RTP data should be used in combination with the SCORES. Because of the lack of RTP data for all games, we cannot exactly calculate the current RTPs for each game depending on the actual jackpot amount(s). What we do - we calculate relative jackpot part of your odds... and, at least, triple it. This way your actual odds (RTP) will be much higher that the ones of an average player of the game; sometimes you could expect real RTP of over 100%. However, we cannot promise or guarantee you getting the edge over the house in every game, so (as a responsive advertiser) we do not advise you using our system to "make money".

6. Do you guarantee me winning money?

The SCORE system does not guarantee any winnings; it does not even rise your probability of hitting a jackpot. What we guarantee is that your odds will be much higher than the ones of an average player. In terms of a lottery, for your $10 ticket we'll give you not one, but 3*$10 tickets. Or, for a fixed-prise ticket, we'll triple your average jackpot win!

7. How should I use your system?

Check out our Top 10/50 LIVE SCORES of different jackpots in 100s of online casinos. You can pick the jackpot game of a certain type (slots, bingo, roulette, blackjack and more), preferrable software (out of 35), or jackpot amount. Choose a game depending on your risk strategy (see below) or Top SCORE. Follow the casino "Play" links on our site because the same games in various casinos can offer different jackpot amounts. You'll need to register a casino account if you haven't one. You must find the RIGHT game in a Casino Lobby; game screenshots are availabe on jackpot review pages. Please note that the jackpot value in the game should be close to the value seen on "jackpot page" of our site. The values may differ because of different coin denominations, multiple pots in the same game, or when somebody has already hit the jackpot. In order to have the best odds, we recommend you playing for a high-SCORE jackpot until somebody hits the jackpot (you or another player).

8. Should I play the game with the highest SCORE?

The highest SCORE does not necessary mean highest expected RTP, no actual RTP. Depending on the jackpot contribution rate and regular game RTP, the same SCORE of 250 on one game can correspond to an expected RTP of 97%, while on the other game this can be over 99%. We recommend you playing multiple progressive games with rather high SCORES. This way you'll always get the high average RTP of over 98%. See also "strategy" question. Note: we provide 'live' RTP data for some jackpots with known game's RTP and jackpot(s) contribution. These figures should be used in combination with SCORES, because of the possible errors (see Terms).

9. The bigger, the better? What is the optimal strategy?

Winning a multi-million dollar jackpot is great, but the probability of hitting such a jackpot is very low and cannot be changed, except by climbing your bets. We can advise you jackpots that 3x or 5x times bigger than average, but the probability of triggering the payout is still low. If you want to win a huge jackpot for sure, you'll have to spend a comparable amount of money. No matter you win or loose, with our system your odds will be much higher than the average ones. However, if you never win a jackpot, your best odds will not be materialized. That's why we advise you playing the games, that can do bring you real wins for your budget. Start with smaller jackpots - we track jackpots with average hit values from just $100. Once you see the system works for you, you'll be able to rise your bets... and wins!

10. How the SCORE is calculated?

The SCORE shows the current jackpot growth in percentages with respect to average jackpot growth before hit. At an average jackpot hit level the SCORE = 100. Double than normal jackpot growth corresponds to the SCORE = 200. If the jackpot has grown 3 times more in value than it grows before an average hit, its SCORE will be 300.

(Jackpot Value - Seed)
(Average Hit Value - Seed)
 * 100%

The above definition is true for Type 1 jackpots with exponential hits distribution where hit probability is independent on the pot size. For Type 5 pots we consider SCORE as your 'jackpot RTP' (Return To Player) in percentage with respect to the average jackpot RTP. E.g. if the average jackpot contribution is 1% and SCORE=300, your current jackpot will contribute 3% (rather than 1%) to the game's total RTP.

11. How can I calculate my actual odds for games with known RTP?

If the casino provides you with an average RTP (Return To Player) AND jackpot contribution rate of a game, you can calculate your actual odds depending on our live SCORE. A typical online progressive slot game has an average RTP of 96% (93% to 98%) and jackpot contribution of 1% (varies from 0.4% to 7%). This means the regular slot pays 95% plus 1% is paid by progressive jackpot, on average. If the jackpot SCORE is 300, this means your "jackpot RTP" will be 3 times higher than average ones, e.g. 3%, so your actual RTP will be 95% + (300/100) * 1% = 98%. The SCORE above 500 will turn the odds in your favour (RTP > 100%) for this sample game!

12. What is a Jackpot Type?

Probability Charts of Different Jackpot Types

We collect detailed jackpot hit stats to determine the Probability Chart/Curve - the probability of hitting a jackpot vs jackpot value. The curve is build on actual hit distribution vs jackpot hit value. Depending on the form of this curve we classify jackpots into several types - see most popular probability curves on the right. If you suppose the hit probability is the same regardless of the jackpot size, the "jackpot curve" will look like a dropping exponent or Type 1. This distribution has a rather "long tail" and offers bigger than average jackpots rather often. Unfortunately, only about a half of real online casino jackpots are exponential. Casinos tend to "cut the big tails" and to deprive players of the biggest possible payouts. They modify the "probability curve", so we have found 5 other types of the curve: sum of 2 exponential values, Gaussian bell, flat range, capped pots and some modifications. What you should know is that jackpots of types 3+ does not allow their SCORE to exceed 200. This means that you cannot more than double your jackpot odds, but the overall RTP for such games should be rather high to deliver you rather high total odds of the game with a SCORE of near 200. For Type 5 jackpots we now calculate SCORE and RTP data using non-linear formular to reflect the true odds, so that a SCORE shows your real "jackpot RTP" in percentage to the average one.

13. Will the use of your system violate a casino's T&Cs?

We do not try to cheat or beat the casino itself, we just try to find the best online casino games on offer. This is based on the stats and knowledge, and does not imply deceive, fraud or the like. In most cases, there should not be any rules violations you be accused of. However, if you join today, get the bonus, play a single game, win big and immediately claim the cashout, they could expect "suspicious activity" and try to investigate it. Remember: they expect you using their site for entertainment purposes only. So, don't claim the entire balance immediately, spin some other games, and NEVER violate bonus terms (if you claim the bonus), especially its wagering requirements.

14. Why should I click Your casino links?

You can use our system for free and play wherever you want. But by clicking our links you: (1) don't miss the right jackpot (sometimes different casinos offer different jackpots on the same games), (2) help us to get the stats and improve the system for you, (3) offer you special (exclusive or personal) casino promotions. See T&Cs for more details.

15. Do you have any evidence that your system does work?

When you look at the jackpot charts of some popular jackpots you'll see that the jackpot growth rate is increasing with the rise of the jackpot, especially where the jackpot is over its average hit level. Smart jackpot hunters rise their bets or start catching a jackpot when it has grown to certain level.
When the Powerball jackpot reaches $500 million mark, there are ques to kiosks and even lack of tickets. When the prize pool reaches $350 million, the ticket, statistically, pays more than $1 for each $1 played. Gamblers call it a "positive expectation play" - when the odds are in favour of a player (RTP>100%).
Most online jackpots are designed in the same way as Powerball, and we deliver the most grown, best ones for you!