Streak of Luck 4c - Jackpot Review

Streak of Luck 4c is a video slots progressive jackpot that can be won at various online casinos, featuring games from Playtech. We recommend playing at Europa Casino - press the red "Play at Casino" button and find the game in the lobby.
RTP: 94.02%*
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Streak of Luck is a 50-payline Video Slot featuring bonus round, free spins and progressive jackpots on 5 different bet sizes. Hit 4 winning spins in a row and light up the meter. Get a few more and see how a lucky streak can win you up to 60 Free Spins with random Wilds and double payouts, or even a progressive Jackpot! Have a go at the Dice Bonus and look for that streak of 7s to win up to 257 times your bet.

Dice Bonus
The Dice Bonus is triggered by hitting a Bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 during the main game or Free Games. You are awarded 3 dice rolls. Roll the dice by clicking `Roll`. Each roll awards a cash prize which equals the score on the dice multiplied by the current total bet. When the dice score is a double (e.g. two 3s, two 6s, etc.), an extra roll is awarded, to the maximum of 6 rolls in total. There is an extra payout called Lucky 7s. Scoring 7 twice awards 20 times your total bet and scoring 7 three times awards 200 times your total bet.

Wins Counter
When there are consecutive wins (“lucky streak”), the steps on the meter to the right of the reels light up. When the 4th arrow at the bottom of the ladder lights up, this will guarantee the first Free Games prize. When the player has accumulated at least 4 consecutive wins and the following spin is not a winning one, the respective prize is granted, as follows:

4 wins - 5 free spins with x2 win multiplier and 0 - 2 random Wilds per spin
5 wins - 10 free spins with x2 win multiplier and 0 - 2 random Wilds per spin
6 wins - 15 free spins with x2 win multiplier and 0 - 2 random Wilds per spin
7 wins - 20 free spins with x2 win multiplier and 0 - 2 random Wilds per spin
8 wins - 45 free spins with x2 win multiplier and 0 - 2 random Wilds per spin
9 wins - 60 free spins with x2 win multiplier and 0 - 3 random Wilds per spin
10 wins - Lucky Jackpot

Non-winning spins reset the counter. In case of more than 10 consecutive wins, the counter is reset but will resume counting until a non-winning spin occurs.

Lucky Jackpots
The Lucky Jackpot is a progressive jackpot triggered if the player gets 10 consecutive wins. Only wins received during the main game and the Dice Bonus count as qualifying for the jackpot. There are 6 separate progressive jackpots, one for each of the 6 fixed line bet denominations. You can change the denomination at any time. 1.40% of each bet goes into the Jackpot.

Old Streak of Luck Jackpot Stats (before Aug 15, 2015 / Sep 9, 2016):

Min Jackpot (seeds): $100 (1c)
$200 (2c)
$400 (4c)
$1,000 (10c)
$2,000 (20c)
$4,000 (40c)
Largest Wins: $7,703.32 (4c)
$13,556.77 (10c)
$25,505.43 (20c)
$57,818.77 (40c)
Average Hits: $1,424.58 (4c) (451 hits) / $1,331.15 (749 hits)
$3,578.01 (10c) (310 hits) / $3,309.97 (462 hits)
$6,588.62 (20c) (120 hits) / $6,319.84 (167 hits)
$11,563.96 (40c) (102 hits) / $11,531.54 (190 hits)
Avg. Hit Times: 8 hours 30 mins (4c)
18 hours 5 mins (10c)
2 days 13 hours (20c)
3 days 4 hours (40c)

* - Current RTP (Return To Player), expected long-term average payback percentage of the game. RTP of 99% means you are getting paid $99 of every $100 wagered, on average. Note: this figure is our estimate that is based on game's build-in RTP, current jackpot value (SCORE), jackpot contribution percentage and seed to average hit ratio.

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