Roulette Premium - Jackpot Review

Roulette Premium is a roulette progressive jackpot that can be won at various online casinos, featuring games from Paf Proprietary. We recommend playing at Paf - press the red "Play at Casino" button and find the game in the lobby.
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In Roulette Premium you choose your own croupier. The mystery jackpot starting at 5,000 euros can appear anytime during the game. Up for a game of roulette? Come join us at the table and watch the croupier spin the wheel!

Roulette Premium features International roulette rules and payouts. The roulette wheel is of European standard with a single zero. The wheel has 37 slots, numbered from 0 to 36. Your challenge is to predict in which slot the ball will land after the wheel is spun.

Roulette Premium has a progressive Mystery Jackpot which starts at 5,000 euros with the chance to win every time you play. If you miss the jackpot, another jackpot begins once the first jackpot has been paid out. The higher your total bet, the greater your chances of winning the Mystery Jackpot.

When the roulette ball lands in one of the numbered slots, a marker for the winning number is placed on the table and the croupier will announce the number; red or black, odd or even.

Bet Levels
There are 5 roulette tables with different betting limits per position:

Table 1 2 3 4 5
Min €0.50 €1 €2 €5 €10
Max (number) €5 €10 €20 €50 €100
Max (outside bets) €10 €20 €40 €100 €200
Table total max €250 €500 €500 €500 €500

Outside bets: Red, black, even, odd, 1-18, 19-36, dozen and column.
Table total max: The maximum total bet per table.

Roulette Premium game