Power Play - Jackpot Review

Power Play is a bingo progressive jackpot that can be won at various online casinos, featuring games from Paf Proprietary. We recommend playing at PAF - press the red "Play at Casino" button and find the game in the lobby.
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Are you good at slap shots? Enter the rink and scratch your way to the jackpot!

Power Play is a scratch card with two games. Scratch 3 golden helmets and you win the progressive Jackpot. When the jackpot is won a new one starts from 8,000 euros, so you always have a chance of winning a jackpot.

How to Play
Select the scratch card you want and click “Buy”. Every scratch card includes two games and you can scratch the game fields in any order. Scratch the concealed boxes by holding down the left mouse button or you can select the automatic scratch by clicking “Scratch all”.

If you would like to have new scratch cards to choose from click on the “10 New” button. Each scratch card costs 2 euros. In the top game, you must scratch 3 identical symbols to win a prize according to the paytable displayed in the game. In the bottom game, you must scratch 3 identical amounts to win that amount - from €2 up to €1,000.

There are a total of 9 winning combos for the top game and 5 winning combos for the bottom one. In the top game you can win cash prizes from €2 up to €800, and progressive jackpot prize.

Progressive Jackpot
Scratch 3 golden helmets to win the progressive Jackpot with the minimum value of €8,000.
Power Play