Magical Dice - Jackpot Review

Magical Dice is a 3 reel slots progressive jackpot that can be won at various online casinos, featuring games from Relax Gaming. We recommend playing at Unibet Casino - press the red "Play at Casino" button and find the game in the lobby.
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Magical Dice is a spicialty game where you get 12 combinations of 3 symbols each and choose a slot cell to place your combinations in. Each combination is placed in the leftmost available position of that slot cell and there are 4 cells to choose from.

Whenever you placed a combination, a new combination is shown, until all cells have been filled. As the game progresses, some symbols in already placed combinations may star flashing. These symbols indicate positions where winning combinations or live draws would be formed.

Once all slot cells have 3 combinations (9 symbols) inside - the game round ends. You will be awarded points for 3 of the same symbols on any of the paylines in that slot cell. The 5 paylines go through 3 horizontal rows and both ways from corner to corner. All paylines are always active. Once the game round ends, the amount of points you gathered is totalled. If sufficient amount of points has been won, a corresponding prize is paid.

Filling a cell with 9 identical symbols gives you extra 200 bonus pionts. Gathering 3 bonus symbols on any paylines activates the bonus round.

Bonus Game and Progressive Jackpot
The Bonus Round consists of series of spins on 2 wheels - player`s wheel and enemy`s wheel and possibly, a spin on jackpot wheel. When player`s spin stop on the `runed die` (1 of 6 spots on the wheel), they get a symbol on jackpot wheel meter. Getting 3 symbols during a single bonus game gives you a spin on the jackpot wheel, where you can win a random cash prizes or Progressive Jackpot!
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