Jacks or Better 10 Play - Jackpot Review

Jacks or Better 10 Play is a video poker progressive jackpot that can be won at various online casinos, featuring games from Playtech. We recommend playing at William Hill - press the red "Play at Casino" button and find the game in the lobby.
RTP: 97.38%*
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Jacks or Better 10 Play is a classic Jacks or Better video poker that can be played with 10 hands (ten lines of cards) simultaneously. You need to have at least a pair of Jacks or higher in order to win. Each line of 5 cards (hand) uses a different 52-card deck. Each line is treated as a separate hand for the determination of any wins. All 10 hands should be played at the same time so when you have chosen your bet size the game actually costs you 10 times the amount.

The Jackpot hand is dealt first on line #1 and you choose which of the cards to hold. The cards you have chosen are held across the other 9 hands. The cards are dealt to the rest of the hands. Your winnings are collected on every hand that has a winning poker hand according to taytable below.

Progressive Jackpot
A small percentage of each bet, by every player on the Jacks or Better 10 line games in all Playtech online casinos, is added to a common pot. When you get Royal Flush on line 1 (Jackpot line) with the maximum bet you win 100% of the Jackpot. Only the Royal Flush on the Jackpot line wins you the jackpot, if you get a Royal Flush on any other hand you`ll be paid 4,000 coins. After a Jackpot has been won, a new pot is started from the minimum value (seed) of $1,000.

* - Current RTP (Return To Player), expected long-term average payback percentage of the game. RTP of 99% means you are getting paid $99 of every $100 wagered, on average. Note: this figure is our estimate that is based on game's build-in RTP, current jackpot value (SCORE), jackpot contribution percentage and seed to average hit ratio.

Jacks or Better 10 Line Payout Table:Jacks or Better 10 Play video poker paytable