Dollar Ball - Jackpot Review

Dollar Ball is a bingo progressive jackpot that can be won at various online casinos, featuring games from Playtech. We recommend playing at William Hill - press the red "Play at Casino" button and find the game in the lobby.
RTP: 89.15%*
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Dollar Ball is a Lotto-style side game that is available as an option in several Playtech slots. One of the most popular and rewarding is Lotto Madness. Lotto Madness is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot machine game with Wilds & Scatters, bonus round and a side game with Dollar Ball Lotto progressive jackpot. You are given a chance to win prizes that are as large as the National Lottery game. The greatest feature of this slot is the bonus round with "Crazy Wheel" where you can win free spins with 10x multiplier and win up to incredible 100,000 coins (up to €500K) a spin!

Dollar Ball Lotto
You have an option to play a lotto-type progressive sidegame where you pick 5 numbers out of 49 on the second screen when you click the Dollar Ball logo in the top right corner of the screen. Once you start the main slot game, 5 numbers will be drawn randomly. The more numbers match your selection, the more you win in this side game. If all 5 numbers match, you win the entire Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot.

Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot
A small percentage of each bet (10% contribution), by every player on the Dollar Ball Lotto games in each of Playtech online casinos, is added to a common pot. When you get 4 correct numbers you win 1% of the Jackpot, 5 numbers win 100% of the Jackpot. After a Jackpot has been won, a new pot is started from the minimum value (seed) of $10,000. So even if you win a Jackpot in a game right after someone else has won the progressive, you`ll still get a big amount of cash.

The largest winner is Dariusz P. from Norway who won

* - Current RTP (Return To Player), expected long-term average payback percentage of the game. RTP of 99% means you are getting paid $99 of every $100 wagered, on average. Note: this figure is our estimate that is based on game's build-in RTP, current jackpot value (SCORE), jackpot contribution percentage and seed to average hit ratio.

Lotto Madness `Crazy Wheel` - 20 Free Spins with 20x Multiplier: