Chain Reactors Trails (WH Games) - Jackpot Review

Chain Reactors Trails is a other games progressive jackpot that can be won ONLY at William Hill Games, featuring games from NYX Gaming. The value of this jackpot varies among casinos. So, press the red "Play" button (and find the game in the lobby) or pick a casino with the highest SCORE or biggest current jackpot from Comparison table below.
RTP: 94.48%*
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N/ANot Available in US Not Available
Chain Reactors Trails: Place your bet, wait for the symbols to drop and watch out for that winnings! Match 5+ consecutive symbols connected horizontally or vertically to win a prize. Payouts increase depending upon the symbol and the number of matching symbols. But wait a minute... symbols keep dropping until you stop winning. Chain Reactors Super Trails also provides the bonus features: Bomb Trail, Fire Trail, Free Fall... and a progressive jackpot too!

To win you must match 5 or more, consecutive symbols connected either horizontally or vertically (a cluster). It`s possible to get more than one cluster in a single game. When the symbol drop stops, any wins will be highlighted. After a short period all winning symbols will disappear, allowing symbols above to fall into the vacant spaces, potentially creating more wins from a single play. If more wins occur as a result of newly descended symbols, the above sequence is repeated. This process continues until your winning streak ends.

Bomb Trail - Every Bomb cluster (5 or more Bomb symbols) lights up a level in the Bomb trail. When you light up 10 levels the Bomb feature game is triggered. Bombs drop into the game and are caught by the symbols. Some symbols pass the bomb on to another character. The bombs explode and you are awarded cash prizes for the symbols that have exploded.

Flame Trail - Every Flame cluster (5 or more Flame symbols) lights up a level in the Flame trail. When you light up 10 levels the Flame feature game is triggered. A dragon enters the game and moves around the game eating random symbols as it passed over them (in flames). Up to 20 symbols are destroyed and you are awarded cash prizes for them.

Free Falls - Any reactions in a game are recorded in the right-hand panel. If you get seven or more clusters within a game, you trigger the Free Falls bonus game. Free Falls awards you up to 15 free plays. The reactions are not accumulated between games. During Free Falls further free falls can be won. The Bomb and Flame symbols are replaced by 2 exclusive free spin symbols and therefore Free Falls does not contribute to the Bomb and Flame Trails.

Chain Reactors Trails Progressive Jackpot
The progressive jackpot consists of a fixed minimum amount of money that increases by a percentage of incoming stake amounts. The jackpot is triggered by 30 or more jackpot symbols. A minimum stake amount of 0.20 is required to qualify for inclusion in a jackpot game.

* - Current RTP (Return To Player), expected long-term average payback percentage of the game. RTP of 99% means you are getting paid $99 of every $100 wagered, on average. Note: this figure is our estimate that is based on game's build-in RTP, current jackpot value (SCORE), jackpot contribution percentage and seed to average hit ratio.

Chain Reactors Trails Slot