Caribbean Stud (Betsson) - Jackpot Review

Caribbean Stud is a casino poker progressive jackpot that can be won ONLY at Betsson Casino, featuring games from Net Entertainment. The value of this jackpot varies among casinos. So, press the red "Play" button (and find the game in the lobby) or pick a casino with the highest SCORE or biggest current jackpot from Comparison table below.
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Caribbean Stud Poker is the standard "Caribbean Stud" poker game featuring progressive jackpot payout. Each game is played with a new deck. One of the most popular poker games around the world. It`s fast, it`s exciting and offers one lucky winner the chance to take home a healthy jackpot for an extra side bet.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker?
First, place a bet, this is called the Ante. Choose coins and place them on the "Ante" spot. In addition you can also place a bet on a progressive jackpot.

Second, the player and the dealer is dealt their own 5 card hand. One of the dealer`s cards is face up the other 4 are face down.

Third, decide to stay in or fold. If you fold you forfeit your ante. If you stay in you must add to your bet double the amount of the ante.

Fourth (if you are still in), the dealer looks at his cards. If the dealer does not have at least an Ace plus King then the player automatically wins even money on the ante and the additional bet is returned. If the dealer does have at least Ace plus King then a comparison of hands is made.

If the player has the higher hand he wins even money on the ante, and the additional bet pays according to the payoff table below. If the dealer`s hand beats the player`s hand he loses both the ante and raise. If the player and dealer have hands of the exact same value, the ante and the raise are returned to the player.

Winning with Jackpot Bet
A Bonus Bet costs you from €/£1 and must be made before the cards are dealt. If you have placed a bet on the jackpot you also win an additional amount specified in the Jackpot Bonus column below. Poker hands are paid out according to the following paytable:

Your Hand Pays
Royal Flush 100% of Game Jackpot
Straight Flush 2500 for 1
4-of-a-kind 250 for 1
Full House 100 for 1
Flush 25 for 1
Straight 10 for 1
Three of a kind 5 for 1

Winning with a Poker Hand
Once your hand is dealt and any Bonus money is paid out you can then choose whether to Fold or Raise your hand. At this point you can choose to Fold and lose your original, ante bet, or if you`d rather take on the Dealer you can choose to Raise them. If you choose to Raise, you`ll double your original bet and the dealer`s hand will be revealed and compared to yours. If your hand is higher than the dealer`s hand, you`ll win according to the following payout table.

Your Hand Pays
Player wins with Royal Flush 200
Player wins with Straight Flush 50
Player wins with Four of a Kind 20
Player wins with Full House 7
Player wins with Flush 5
Player wins with Straight 4
Player wins with Three of a Kind 3
Player wins with Two Pair 2
Player wins with a Pair 1
Player wins with Ace + King 1

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy
When to Raise?
As a general rule, you should always raise with a pair or higher.
When to Fold?
Generally you should fold anything less than an Ace and a King High Card.
As Caribbean Stud is a game based around poker hands, it`s important to familiarise yourself with the hands and their rankings on the payout table.
Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive