Star Spins Green Star - Jackpot Review

Star Spins Green Star is a video slots progressive jackpot that can be won at various online casinos, featuring games from GameSys. We recommend playing at Star Spins - press the red "Play at Casino" button and find the game in the lobby.
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Star Spins offers 4 progressive jackpots that are available on ALL slot games, offered by the online casino. Take a spin on any of StarSpins' stunning Slots for your chance to trigger extra wins with the 4 Progressive Jackpots in the Star Jackpots bonus round. Plus, win a share of a Community Jackpot on someone else’s spin if you’ve been playing in the 3 minutes before a Progressive Jackpot is won.

What is the Star Jackpot?
The Star Jackpot is an extra bonus round where you can win one of four cross network Progressive Jackpots. We contribute 100% to the Progressive Jackpots which grow every time you spin. Simply play in any game on Starspins, and the Star Jackpot may appear randomly during your game (like standard slot game bonus rounds).

How do I win on a Star Jackpot bonus round?
One of the 4 Progressive Jackpots can be won through a Star Jackpot bonus round that is randomly triggered by playing any of the normal slot games even games with existing Progressive Jackpots (e.g. Wonderland, Diamond Bonanza, Chasin’ Rainbows, Bank Bonanza). If the Star Jackpot is triggered, you'll receive a popup notice and you'll be given one chance to spin a special jackpot reel and if in that spin you match 5 of the same star symbols then you will win the corresponding Progressive Jackpot. Wild symbols substitute for any colour star.

Each wager has an equal chance of triggering the Star Jackpot, regardless of how much is wagered on each spin. However, the chances of winning a Star Jackpot bonus round increases depending on the amount wagered.

What is the Community Jackpot?
To win a share of the Community Jackpot on Starspins you must have been wagering at the same time as, or wagering up to 3 minutes before, any Star Jackpot bonus round is won by another person. The Community Jackpot is of the same value as the corresponding Progressive Jackpot. We match the size of the Progressive Jackpot just won in the Star Jackpot bonus round and distribute this payout to all eligible players proportional to the amount they have wagered in the game. This gives you more ways to win on every spin. And remember the higher the coin size you play the bigger your share of the Community Jackpot!

Does the Star Jackpot Bonus Round change my games?
StarSpins ensures that neither the Star Jackpot or Community Jackpot affect the payout on your normal slots. Instead, StarSpins contributes to the Progressive Jackpots every time players spin the reels. The more you spin the more money StarSpins put into the Progressive Jackpots for you to win. 0.2% of all wagering contributes across the 4 jackpots.
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